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Frank Zappa The Palladium 10 31 1980

  April 09, 2018  ~    56.65 MB
Frank Zappa The Palladium  10 31 1980




Frank Zappa 10 31 1980 The Palladium New York City

I was only at one Frank Zappa show in my life and this was it. I purchased 2 tickets in August of 1980 and couldn’t wait until the upcoming Halloween extravaganza. Frank came out to start the show and said I am not feeling well and if you want to leave and see the Grateful Dead at Radio City tonight (where all my friends were, and as I was on 10 29 1980) I can understand that.

There were no amp adjustments; the only time Frank turned his back to the audience, was to blow his nose.

The show was cut short, but worth it in so many ways. Frank Zappa made his musical statement that night.

An absolutely scorching show, where notes were flying out of Frank’s fingers, faster then my mind could digest them. That’s why I am re visiting this recording. It was uploaded to YouTube over 6 years ago with audio that was digitized from analog to digital in 2003.

First, I cleaned up the second generation soundboard audio recording that has been digitally in circulation since 2003; by boosting the bass by 4.6 decibels and general realignment using Audacity. Dubbed over a slide show I made starting with the only certified photograph of any clarity I know of that from this show.

Frank Zappa
31-Oct 1980, The Palladium, New York City

01 Keep It Greasy
02 Outside Now
03 Tinsel town Rebellion
04 Doreen
05 Goblin Girl
06 Audience
07 Joe's Garage,
08 Dancing' Fool %
09 Stick It Out
10 Watermelon in Easter Hay

* Bobby Brown and Ms. Pinky may be missing

For the real deal, please visit the Frank Zappa web site and review the most prolific and creative repertoire imaginable.

{I do not own any copyrights to this video, its sole intention is for archival, educational and personal entertainment. Not for re-profiteering}